Explore Andalucia, Malaga Almeria and Beyond

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A Simple Moorish Guide to Andalucia

Cities like Malaga and Almeria are located in southern Andalucia, and are some of the few cities where you can distinguish the limits between a Spanish city, and their Moorish heritage.

People marvel at Seville and rightly so for its Moorish culture but Malaga and Almeria are beautiful in their own right.

Which Costa del Sol holiday resorts are Top?

Its worth doing your research as a summer holiday is a huge expense to an average family of 4. If you can save even 10% by shopping around on price comparison websites then that can soon stack up. Add in a few websites to check out the latest reviews of family hotels and apartments and then shortlist the best and save yourself a small fortune.

Costa del Sol has many hotels so use a website like Malaga Travel Guide that compares hotel resorts in Spain it does a lot of the heavy lifting for you.


Malaga and Beyond

Malaga Airport (AGP) provides a fantastic stepping stone to the south of Spain as transport links to and from this wonderful city are great.

I jumped into a taxi Minibus from Malaga Airport and decided to explore this part of Andalucia for myself as there is nothing better than setting out on an adventure with exciting expectations and a guide book of limitless possibilities.

When the Moorish people where in Almeria, they called it Al-Mariya, they considered it the second most important city after Alhambra.

The Moorish builta magnificent construction called “the fortress of the Alcazaba” that nowadays is the main attraction of the city.


But the city attractions do not end with the Alcazaba, this touristic city has a lot of places to visit such as: the wonderful and clean beaches, and the amazing formations near them that form caves.

Be careful though, you must know what kind of beach you are visiting, since some of them are nudist.

The city is also recognized for being the stage of western movies, as its hot and dry weather makes for a magnificent place for vacations.

Almeria History

The history of Almeria starts long before the Moorish occupation of the region.

The city has kept traces of cultures such as Phoenicians, Romans, Tartessos and Visigoths.

All these cultures were draw to this strategic location and natural beauty.

While the region of Almeria was occupied by the Moors, caliph Abdar-Rahman of Córdoba built and founded the Alcazaba of Almeria, these spectacular building was the second largest fortress among the ones in Andalucía, only after Alhambra.


Alcazaba has also other important edifications of that time: the Segundo Recinto, and the Ermita de San Juan chapel that was originally a mosque converted by the catholic monarchs.

The city was an important port in the caliphate of Cordoba; Almeria still raises its economic status because of the trade of textile.

During the 16th century, an earthquake hit the city yet the reconstruction of Almeria did not occur until 18th century.


Learn Spanish better

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Culture of Spain

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Spain Holidays: Looking To Escape the Cold?

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Spain Travel: Its Freezing cold in northern Europe

I’m sat looking out of the window in a little town in the north east of England, UK and its like looking at a Christmas card. This is all well and good when your tucked up inside with the central heating blasting or at a push for 10 minutes dancing around in the snow but trust me the novelty wears off quick.



Dreaming of a Holiday

Its at times like this that my mind wonders off to far sunny shores were the turquoise waters lap the soft golden sands of warmer climates. This year we are pondering a return trip to MALAGA AIRPORT AGP, southern Spain for our annual pilgrimage dun dun dah – Costa del Sol awaits.

And its with good faith an experience that I can give you some friendly advice. But as you know this comes at a cost. Saving money has never been fashionable but is a necessity in life when you want some of the finer things.

Saving Your Pennies

When holidaying in Costa del Sol, Spain it’s important to take care of a few vital parts of your holiday to make sure you get off to a perfect start. From the very beginning of your holiday it’s imperative to take every precaution to avoid any mishaps. I’ve outlined a few pointers to get you sorted for your summer holiday so please read on.

They all involve a degree of money but like anything your holiday is not severely restricted in any way by a lack of funds you just have to be more selective.

It is completely understandable to put everything on the back burners as you get ready for your yearly trip to the sun with the family, but these tips can make the difference for a great holiday and a costly average one.

  1. Pack all the sun creams that you and the complete family need. Grab your sunblock and a wide range of different level of sun protection factors. This will allow you to sit in the sun for varying lengths as your tan deepens and your skin has readjusted to the intensity. Buy your creams and lotions in the UK as sun cream is expensive in Andalucía and you don’t always get the same brands along the Costa del Sol. If your resort is further inland you will pay more money and if all-inclusive you are a captive audience, forget it your paying top dollar!
  2. If you are transferring from Malaga Airport find a reputable minibus company
  3. If you are traveling in a group of 5 or more people you really need to book a minibus or coach to cater for your party. The savings on group bookings are considerable over using multiple taxis. A couple of pointers are below:
    1. Make sure there are no surcharges or extras for golf clubs, baby seats, multiple drops.
    2. Ask if there is a late arrivals fee, or any extra fees for “out of hours” airport pick-ups at (AGP).

Costa del Golf

There is a reason why they nickname the Costa del Sol to the Costa del Golf, yep you guessed it its abundant in golf courses doh!

But seriously if your a keen golfer it is worth booking in advance on one of the reputable agents in Andalusia like Elite Golf Services in Fuengirola, Golf n Play in Mijas Golf Course and there are a few others who I would trust with my hard earned cash with. Contact me for some recommendations.

You can hire golf clubs to save you the cost of bringing them over and I think some of the companies like Elite offer free club hire in Spain.

Excursions in Andalucia

Why not look up some of the more unusual excursions to travel to! Most people hit Nerja, Gibraltar, Granada and Ronda but there a load of places that are off the radar are equally great to visit.

See the Spanish lakes at El Chorro, or visit Seville for a great weekend break. For the more energetic holiday maker, try skiing up the mountain ranges of Sierra Nevada just over 1 hour away from Malaga city centre. There are flights direct to Gibraltar Airport now and I would recommend getting Gibraltar car hire over their Spanish counterparts in La Linea as its cheaper.

Booking Holiday Transfers

  • Look for a family run established company on the Costa del Sol.
  • Look for a company that has automatic flight tracking systems to guarantee your flight is tracked from your departure airport to Spain thus avoiding any delays.
  • Use modern minibuses with spacious luggage trailers at no extra cost to make your holiday transfer one of the utmost comfort.
  • Offer FREE quotes.